Accelerating Australian aviation towards an emission-free future

Our mission is to make hydrogen-electric flight possible from 2026.

Key players in the Australian Aviation and Green Hydrogen Industries have officially come together to form a Hydrogen Flight Alliance (HFA), launched at Brisbane Airport on June 8, 2023.

The aim of the alliance is to ensure Australia plays a leading role in the aviation industry’s transition towards net-zero by 2050, and to develop the green hydrogen flight ecosystem required to enable operation of new Australian made emission-free aircraft.


Developing our collective understanding of what is required


Driving the necessary actions and responsibilities


Building our collective capability and capacity


Collaborating to advance hydrogen electric flight

A committed alliance of industry leaders


Our strategic approach to progress hydrogen-electric flight

Cross-cutting considerations across each pillar include safety, research, regulations and standards, training and skills, policy and planning, communications, resources, and funding.


Green Hydrogen infrastructure

Green hydrogen production, distribution, transportation, storage, and dispensing.


Airport operations

Green hydrogen energy and aircraft integration, in and around the airport and airspace.


Aircraft operations

Aircraft design, certification, manufacturing, maintenance, ground handling, refuelling and flight ops.

HFA launch event 2023


Flight plan
CoDR = Concept Design Review
PDR = Preliminary Design Review
CDR = Critical Design Review
HEPS = Hydrogen Electric Propulsion System
STC = Supplemental Type Certificate
EIS = Entry Into Service

Australia’s first commercial emission-free hydrogen-powered flight between Brisbane Airport and Gladstone Airport in 2026

The initial focus is to facilitate Australia’s first commercial emission free hydrogen powered flight between Brisbane Airport and Gladstone Airport in 2026. This route will be operated by Skytrans Airlines using a 15 seat Stralis B1900D-HE aircraft, designed, and built in Brisbane.

In preparation, Stralis Aircraft will begin flight testing their hydrogen electric 6 seat Beechcraft Bonanza demonstrator aircraft in early 2024. Test flights for both aircraft will occur in Southeast Queensland, allowing the alliance to gain real world experience preparing, operating and refuelling hydrogen aircraft.

Green hydrogen has the potential to contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of air travel. However, challenges around the fuel’s availability, future cost and airport supply and refuelling infrastructure need to be solved. Consortiums like the HFA bring together the diverse mix of expertise and energy required to make progress in these areas.

Australia is an ideal location to trial hydrogen flight, due to its abundance of renewable energy and developing green hydrogen industry. Formation of the alliance in Queensland provides the foundation for success, world class jobs, training programs and emission free aircraft manufacturing.

Skytrans – which is part-owned by Former Queensland and Cowboys star Johnathan Thurston, is proud to be part of a Australian collaboration pioneering hydrogen propulsion technology for commercial aircraft.

HFA launch event 2023

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